Social Media Marketing Apps Company

Facebook-up-or-down.pngWe welcome you to experience our AdTech capabilities. With 6+ experience with Facebook Apps development, Facebook Ads API and Twitter Ads API access, our AdTech team will bring your marketing into the future.

Why we love challenges? Because we want to have fun and run extra miles to build the newest and the latest in the advertising tech industry. And yes, this is the DNA of our company, to believe in love between brands and people and to develop engaging products integrated with the worlds biggest social networks.

We focus to be the first that will implement the latest ad tech capabilities available through the Facebook (Instagram) API and Twitter API. Our AdTech team can help facebook marketing bhw you to implement the latest ad formats and to utilize advance advertising options that are solely available through the Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads API platform.

Our featured product that we are mostly proud with is the Facebook notifications app. It is a first of it’s kind with an innovative approach in generating subscribers.

A vital extension to our operation in Malta & Northern Africa. We have worked with the team on numerous projects with top international clients, always delivering pixel perfect innovative Facebook campaigns. Together we have a competitive advantage which is unparalleled, allowing us to enter a project with a client knowing that our digital extension in Macedonia will deliver a great solution- – a friend and a business partner, Benji Borg, Anchovy studios Ltd

We knew this would work, no doubt, so we weren’t holding it back with the CTA. It’s an ongoing promo on our sites and our fb pages, promising exclusivity to the subscribers for every campaign. And we deliver.- Ana Georgieska, chief online marketing manager in Studio Moderna Macedonia

These guys are a masterpiece. We are proud to have an amazing AdTech team and happy that they have the ambition to go further, push the limits and always run extra miles for our clients.

We are marketers that build for marketers, social media marketing apps. Our capabilities and experience with the Facebook and Twitter Ads API that will bring your marketing in to the future with advance social media marketing apps.

?supersonic ideas with enduring Newton cradle life stream, powered by persistent hunt for ideas of social interaction to their must execution. The real outcome is transformed into Facebook apps and Facebook marketing campaigns with an endless stubborn goal to push the brand offers to meet solely the right customer needs.

?new engaging strategies to help brands interact with people. Our primer focus is embracing Facebook’s social power by utilizing Facebook’s platform to build a unique experience for the users. We are experienced in social media campaigns within Facebook app development and execution of Facebook marketing campaigns.

?the true love between brands and people, by utilizing our Facebook development passion and social marketing excitement. We aim to change?the conventional baselines that build special bonds by fitting desires with must haves. Let’s socialize the business core and meet the goal for lots of shares and likes.

If you have an awesome idea or you need an inspiration for how to integrate your business with social media and bond with customers, we are here to help you.

We always hunt? for the best people that can join our family and build amazing products. Check our job openings and feel free to apply.

EmbedSocial offers flexibility in its pricing model with monthly payment option and plan upgrade flexibility. Click the link below and choose your next favorite app.

Pirinska 29 , Skopje Macedonia Phone: +389 78 280 130 E-Mail: katerina@ Web: /EmbedSocial

This is our subscribe button in action. We use it to inform you about any updates in our platform. Just click it and expect exclusive Facebook notifications.

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